New: Luciferian Doritos

because it IS his party after all...or did you really think it was meant for gay people?!
Enjoy the (GMO) corn, (GMO) vegetable oil, (GMO) maltodextrin, (GMO) corn starch, (GMO) corn syrup solids, (refined) sugar, monosodium glutamate, (GMO) dextrose, Red #40, Blue #1, Yellow #5, disodium guanylate (based on ingredients of Doritos Cool Ranch) plus the several extra artificial colorants for the 'Rainbow' effect..not to mention the non listed but free included pesticides, herbicides, acrylamides.
Credit for this 'find' goes to Natural News.

Stain Remover Allegedly Washed Up On Shore RĂ©union

Een man toont op het eiland RĂ©union een flesje dat hij vond nabij de plek waar het wrakstuk van de Boeing 777 werd gevonden. Het is een vlekverwijderaar, geproduceerd in Jakarta.
A stain remover of all items! Someone surely had to remove a stain with this one.

Great Excuse For Nuclear Warfare Option: The Machines Did It..

The latest so called threat is not the Islam but artificial intelligence aka 'the machines' hence the predictive programming all over the place (think: newspapers, magazines, and movies like Terminator and Ex Machina). How convenient and cunning to have that option for overt warfare and sell it to the gullible masses as an 'accident' by blaming it on a machine.

How To Sell Communism Anno 2015

Easy: just make the opposite, capitalism, very ugly which is not hard in these times of 'economic crisis'.....wait for people to suffer a little while longer and then present the 'solution', a renamed version of communism called: new economic order (http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/07/10/us-pope-latam-bolivia-idUSKCN0PJ29B20150710). It's almost there! Oh, and make en passant amends here and there (think: sexual abuse victims, financial fraud scandals, genocide, theft, discrimination) to create some goodwill and gain popularity in order to be able to apply 'social aikido' meaning that those in power will get their way without violating free will.



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