"Let Food Be Thy Medicine" - Hippocrates


How can eating healthy be a disease at the same time? How can two object occupy the same space at the same time? IT CAN'T. We are looking at a contradictio in terminis so don't be fooled.

Of course one could argue that some people obsess over food, are too fanatical about it but that has NOTHING to do with the difference between healthy and unhealthy food.

Roughly there are 4 types of food, from 'good' to 'bad':





Now go figure which food items belong to which category, decide if you want to live healthy or not and determine your diet accordingly. Simple.




Of course Glyphosate (Monsanto's Roundup) Isn't Harmful

Why? Because a Monsanto lobbyist says so and he must know and speak the truth because he has a degree and gets paid to inform us about the truth, of course.
Watch the video of the article below and notice how this treasonous cretin Dr. Patrick Moore pathetically tries to sell a lie about the safety of glyphosate but miserably fails doing so when asked to back up his claims on the spot. What a failure and oh so helpful for those who have common sense and thus understand how poisonous glyphosate is. Thanks for unintentionally proving that it IS dangerous and also for your hilarious performance Dr. Moore, even most professional clowns aren't half as funny as you are.
Also the WHO acknowledges that glyphosate is a carcinogen and so Monsanto tries desperately to cover this up in order  to keep fooling the uninformed. By doing so they attract MORE attention and thus their clumsy attempt is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.

Welcome The Mushrooms, Kick Out The Pesticides

In spite of my dislike of TED in general, this presentation is one of the few exceptions to that rule because it has the potential of making the world pesticide free. See for yourself:


The newborn LIVING DEAD



"Another interesting FACTOID was "put-out-there" recently (see article at top), largely IGNORED by the opiated masses...The American state of New Jersey pharma-lab had inserted and paired the genetic materials of TWO FEMALES, utilizing a genetically "deactivated" sperm and produced what is being hailed as a "viable" birth product...I am not laughing out loud here. For those lacking the ability to understand this significance, it is no less than the NEGATION of NATURE and NATURAL LAW. It is the mirror reflecting the mirror reflecting the mirror reflecting the mirror and so on. There is, of course, no human to cast a shadow into the primary mirror. Vacant eyes without pupils! Compared to this cheery species, the media portrayals of ZOMBIES will make ZOMBIES look like the ALL AMERICAN boy next door compared to these "viable birth products"!"- ROfschild

Related to the above: Adam's Curse: A Future Without Men (also known as Adam's Curse: A Story of Sex, Genetics, and the Extinction of Men) is a 2003 book by Oxford University human genetics professor Bryan Sykes expounding his hypothesis that with the declining sperm count in men and the continual atrophy of the Y chromosome, within 5,000 generations (approximately 125,000 years) the male of the human species will become extinct.

Sykes believes one of the options for the survival of humanity is unisex reproduction by females: female eggs fertilised by the nuclear X chromosomes of another female and implanted using in vitro fertilisation methods. He also introduces the possibility of moving the SRY and associated genes responsible for maleness and male fertility to another chromosome, which he refers to as "the Adonis chromosome", engendering fertile males with an XX karyotype.



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