We Are In The Sixth Extinction Phase

Or so you should believe. Is it true? No, it is just fear mongering fitting the agenda of Kill and Enslave and giving you the blame for it. In the worst case scenario; don't you think human DNA is 'safely' put away somewhere? So extinction is nonsense but to convince you that you are 'the walking dead' could be handy in the near future.

Climate Change And The Umbrella Agenda

The agenda of agendas is this: wipe out most, blame it on 'humanity' in the proces, and enslave those who survive, unless you're 'them'. Why? To control the world, it is that simpel. Will 'they' succeed? Nope, but a rough road lies ahead. Your protection in all of this; THE TRUTH. Look for it and you will find it.

Tactics For When Your Patent Runs Out

I got this from an article written by Benjamin Fulford, former journalist for Forbes magazine in Japan, whose words should be taken with a grain of salt but who does share noteworthy stuff on occasions, like the following:
"The other place clever and ambitious lawyers should be looking at is DuPont and the entire ozone layer scam. According to sources at Japanese refrigerator and air-conditioner manufacturers, DuPonts’ patent on the Freon gas used for refrigeration around the world were about to expire, threatening a huge business. The story about Freon destroying the ozone layer was created so that DuPont could get Freon banned just in time for the patent expiration. Conveniently, DuPont has a fresh patent on HFC, the replacement for Freon. It is worth nothing that all the scare-mongering headlines about the ozone layer being destroyed vanished as soon as the HFC business got started. Somebody can hit up DuPont big time over this."
Now compare the above with what Wikipedia says about CFCs and DuPont:
Regulation and DuPont
In 1978 the United States banned the use of CFCs such as Freon in aerosol cans, the beginning of a long series of regulatory actions against their use. The critical DuPont manufacturing patent for Freon ("Process for Fluorinating Halohydrocarbons", U.S. Patent #3258500) was set to expire in 1979. In conjunction with other industrial peers DuPont sponsored efforts such as the "Alliance for Responsible CFC Policy" to question anti-CFC science, but in a turnabout in 1986 DuPont, with new patents in hand, publicly condemned CFCs.[13] DuPont representatives appeared before the Montreal Protocol urging that CFCs be banned worldwide and stated that their new HCFCs would meet the worldwide demand for refrigerants.[13]
Ask yourself whether a company like DuPont has the power to influence public opinion and regulation and how that would be done.

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