14 Years Ago...

Look at number 2 in the picture of a pre-2001 encyclopedia and wonder which type of power can PULVERIZE 500,000 t, mostly STEEL, plus two planes within 12 seconds?

Notice the MOLTEN ROCK at the base of the former Twin Towers in the picture below and ask yourself again what type of power can do that. Remember that it took till 19 December of 2001 to extinguish the fires. The kerosene of the planes you think? Nano-thermite? You think?!

The steel that 'survived' the collapse was quickly shipped away to foreign countries instead of being held for further investigation or recycling. Better not to hold on to contaminated goods.


Radioactive Steel Contamination
February 2009

On the 26th February the Indian newspaper "The Hindu" reported that Indian steel
products exported to Europe and the USA were contaminated with Cobalt 60.

Some 123 shipments of contaminated steel have been denied entry into the USA since
screening started in 2003, 67 from India, 23 from China and 20 from Canada.

In Germany, 150 tonnes of contaminated stainless steel from India bound for Russia has
been impounded or sent back, much of it in 2008. The article reports that most of the
stainless steel exported by India is first imported as scrap and recycled.

The article begs the question - why was a US screening program set up in 2003 to monitor
imported steel for radioactive contamination. And what are the sources of this radioactive
contamination and how is it getting into commercial steel in such quantities as to be
measurable when diluted by thousands of tonnes of steel?

It will be remembered that the structural steel from the WTC was removed and shipped
quickly overseas for recycling without independent forensic analysis.



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