The Power Of Now In And From The Hand Of Illusionists

Know what a shill is? Look it up in multiple dictionaries. A shill needs to mix truth with lies to make the latter more palatable. It is up to the receiver of information to see through the lie which in order to do so requires a lot of effort. A good place to start is knowing the definition of all the words you come across. Another helpful tool is to get rid of your cognitive biases. Besides formal logic learn what a false dichotomy is and see for yourself how it applies to politics, science and religion. Get acquainted with Karl Popper, and use the power of cross referencing and never forget to 'shave' your hypothesis with Occam's razor. Search for suppressed science and history and figure out why is was/is suppressed. Eliminate distractions.  I could go on for a while so yes the to do list is long so get to it.

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