Science Journal 'NATURE' Warns For GMOs:

An excerpt: "A gene drive could have unintended effects on the environment if it is unleashed in wild populations ...[A]s molecular biology research on gene drives has surged forward, it has outpaced our understanding of their ecological consequences, says Heitman. Even a small, accidental release from a laboratory holds the potential to spread around the globe: “After release into the environment, a gene drive knows no political boundaries,” the committee wrote."

United Evil

Which company produced the Zyklon B for the gas showers in Nazi Germany? IG Farben aka Bayer.
Which company produced Agent Orange for the Vietnam war? You guessed right, MONSANTO.
Now Bayer may buy Monsanto and the world may enjoy their consolidated power.
For lack of knowledge people are destroyed.

Check And Checkmate

It is true that a 'cold'  is not caused by low temperature and yet there IS a correlation between the flu season and colder months. Why? Because 'science' says so.
Interested in an annual flu shot?
Consider that the flu shot is redundant since it only works on people with strong immune systems and thus do not need that vaccine to begin with.



TTIP And CETA Protest

A lot of TTIP protesters were on the streets today to save democracy but THAT presupposes that there IS democracy. Furthermore they demand to know what the advantage is for 'the people' which again falsely presumes it was ever designed to serve the people.
You see, with a hopelessly naive attitude like that the baddies surely will win. Forget fighting them legally just SIMPLY boycot specific products.

New: Luciferian Doritos

because it IS his party after all...or did you really think it was meant for gay people?!
Enjoy the (GMO) corn, (GMO) vegetable oil, (GMO) maltodextrin, (GMO) corn starch, (GMO) corn syrup solids, (refined) sugar, monosodium glutamate, (GMO) dextrose, Red #40, Blue #1, Yellow #5, disodium guanylate (based on ingredients of Doritos Cool Ranch) plus the several extra artificial colorants for the 'Rainbow' effect..not to mention the non listed but free included pesticides, herbicides, acrylamides.
Credit for this 'find' goes to Natural News.

Paxil/Seroxat Unsafe For Teenagers

Instead of looking at the root cause of 'depression' people tend to be satisfied with symptom relief. What they don't realize is that it always comes with a price; chemical lobotomy in the case of Paxil/Seroxat..good luck with THAT!
Of course and especially teenagers shouldn't take those antidepressants either, their fragile brain is still developing so why sabotage that? Because your psychiatrist think it's a good idea?

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