I watch launch to Mars

Sorry, I meant: Apple Watch launched in March.


After the compact wearables it will be implants, a good basis for a transhuman reality, wait and see.



What's Up Doc?

Why are carrots ORANGE?

Cartoon carrot fan Bugs Bunny should probably not finish those carrots if he would like to keep his shiny white teeth

They were bred ORANGE in The Netherlands during the 17th century from the older white and purple stock (that are now back in fashion as “heritage” varieties) to show support for the Orange-Nassau dynasty. -Susan Broomhall Winthrop Professor of Early Modern History at University of Western Australia



The Parking Lot


This movie contains many truths about the human condition and how humans, well educated and otherwise, respond to stimuli, boredom and reconciling what they "know" and what they experience in their daily existence. Humans seldom do well with mindless routines over time.

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