Science Journal 'NATURE' Warns For GMOs:

An excerpt: "A gene drive could have unintended effects on the environment if it is unleashed in wild populations ...[A]s molecular biology research on gene drives has surged forward, it has outpaced our understanding of their ecological consequences, says Heitman. Even a small, accidental release from a laboratory holds the potential to spread around the globe: “After release into the environment, a gene drive knows no political boundaries,” the committee wrote."

Anti-Tech Awareness

Have you thought what would happen if we eventually merge with machines? Can you grasp what THAT would mean? Do you think such an alteration could benefit YOU or perhaps some body else? Does the fruit of the tree of knowledge taste any good you find?



Altering DNA 'Key' To Immortality; Strive On!

Notice that company is called: Calico. Go figure why..

. 1: cotton cloth especially with a colored pattern printed on one side . 2: a blotched or spotted animal (as a cat)...


spot · MARK · smudge · streak · blemish...


Live And Learn And Pass It On


Nothing new under the sun, a lot of people already know this, hence the expression 'like father like son'. Look at the work of Jodorowsky, he calls it 'psycho-genealogy'.

Moreover some words of Luciferian 'wisdom' by Rofschild:

There is "noise" in every bloodline! The real question is how the patriarchs deal with the "noise"!

Remember that suspension bridge in Oregon USA, Tacoma Narrows I believe...so that would be Washington USA then.

Any matter, resonant frequency reduced it to rubble as engineers watched. They were unable to suppress the self-feedback loop and the whole thing came apart. Watch the video!

Consider the same forces genetically. DNA. Bloodlines need to be pruned and tended for the long haul. No way around that, but tell that to your average person! The perfection of the bloodline and the individual ARE one and the same since there is no differentiation between the two. Therefore it is AXIOMATIC! How would YOU prove the two are unique entities...DNA testing??

You exist to learn survival tools and pass those, and DNA, to your progeny.

YOU alone, will set their trajectory and define their life. Choose wisely!

Memories are accumulated experiences, without the timeline component most assign. You survive because you ALREADY access these data, although you may be unaware. Think of all the functions the subconscious manages without your conscious thoughts (respiration, muscle movement, heart beat, etc). Subconscious also regulates your stored experiences and DNA history. Sad that the subconscious *  is an ALIEN aspect of your being!

*Subconscious: existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond consciousness: the subconscious self, which effectively means some one else IN control of your mind and thus your 'ego' indeed OUT of control, hence the madness in 'the world'.

PS 'Self' of course in reality doesn't exist, it simply has no inherent existence, it's a construct! Why else do you think that Christians are ought to 'die' to self and Buddhist suggest you better overcome the self?


Blood Test Shows Every Virus You Ever Had

What a good way to introduce what a bacteriophage is, so Trojan horse.
Forget the rest of the article since it is published by The Washington Post, completely owned by MONSANTO, and therefore most likely pushing the kind of 'science' that Richard Horton  (Chief Editor of The Lancet) is publicly complaining about.
This article is ALL about the bacteriophage and to 'gently' introduce it to the masses as if it were something 'beneficial'.

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