The New World Order Is A Plutocracy/Oligarchy

Not surprisingly but also sadly it takes a Nobel prize winning MIT professor named Robert Solow, or a previously mentioned Thomas Piketty, to warn you for the obvious future in which the very very few will rule the many. It of course was never any different (I mean: ever wondered who owns all the printed money and landmass?) but lately it is becoming abundantly blatant.
Why do you think the media addressed the recent Powerball lottery with a jackpot of more than a billion? I have my doubts that amount will in fact be paid to someone but besides that it is the term billionaire that sticks. Every amount less doesn't count these days.
Yet there is more than enough money to end poverty overnight when redistributed differently and with the mindset that poverty is a disgrace to mankind.
America as promoted is the land of the free and home of the brave but soon the whole earth becomes the world of the fee and home of the slave..and as always: simply reflecting our collective mindset.

Anti-Tech Awareness

Have you thought what would happen if we eventually merge with machines? Can you grasp what THAT would mean? Do you think such an alteration could benefit YOU or perhaps some body else? Does the fruit of the tree of knowledge taste any good you find?



Financial Criminals Busted

Excerpt from Benjamin Fulford's blog of 6 July 2015:

"The fact that 61% of Greek citizens voted to refuse to pay for banker’s reckless mistakes indicates a majority of the people at the street level in that country now recognize the criminal nature of the Western banking system. The fact is the Greek people now know they are not legally responsible for debts incurred by Mafiosi banker gamblers and will therefore not pay. This has set in motion the first domino that will lead inexorably to the bankruptcy of the Khazarian banking system and their criminal subsidiary known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. A Greek default, as mentioned previously, is just the first domino that will be followed by Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany and then the United States."


I watch launch to Mars

Sorry, I meant: Apple Watch launched in March.


After the compact wearables it will be implants, a good basis for a transhuman reality, wait and see.



The College SCAM explained


More than once I have posted about the destruction of the middle class. The college scam plays a major role in that destruction. Read and think about it and ask around to see if it is true.

The COLLEGE process is but a form of bondage or slavery befalling the middle class progeny. Either the family, or the offspring, incur enormous expenses for dubious benefits*. Note that almost all graduates from University still are woefully ignorant of financial issues, know how to read a contract...etc...etc. The importance of the STUDENT DEBT as a tool of enslavement cannot be overstated. Savvy observers have already noted that STUDENT DEBT cannot be extinguished through the bankruptcy process...curious WHY that would be? Take the advice of a wise man who once admonished others to "follow the money". In this case, Goldman Sachs will be one of the firms found at the trails end. STUDENT DEBT is a huge expense, a huge profit for some and literally KILLING the middle class once and for all. -Cerous

*Dubious benefits indeed. Notice how these people can't even answer the most SIMPLE questions in spite of their $120,000 'EDUCATION'. Tragic if it weren't so FUNNY!



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