Time To Go Short Again

The above is a graph of the Deutsche Bank stock value and just an example of the many stocks that are currently tumbling down '2008 style' which remarkably coincides with the release of the movie 'The Big Short'. The movie is about savvy bankers/hedge funders who know how to take advantage of a crashing financial market. I bet the same will be happening again when the next crisis will hit us ; another and perhaps final transfer of 'wealth' or what was left of it since 2008 from the populace to the oligarchs.
Add to the falling stock prices the low levels of the Baltic Dry Index, an economic indicator which shows you an assessment of the price of moving the major raw materials by sea.

So in short:  simply place your bets on plummeting stock prices.




Soros Says

We are one 'business cycle' (about 8 years) later and the crisis of 2008 is not so fresh in our memory anymore in spite of continuous talk about the recovering economy. George Soros, the man who single handedly broke the Bank of England in 1992 now says another crisis is looming. He could be wrong, it could be 'fear mongering' but if he is right you better prepare for a very difficult time. As you may have noticed, other problems than economical ones have been stacking since many years, you know what I am talking about. Again: prepare.

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