The College SCAM explained


More than once I have posted about the destruction of the middle class. The college scam plays a major role in that destruction. Read and think about it and ask around to see if it is true.

The COLLEGE process is but a form of bondage or slavery befalling the middle class progeny. Either the family, or the offspring, incur enormous expenses for dubious benefits*. Note that almost all graduates from University still are woefully ignorant of financial issues, know how to read a contract...etc...etc. The importance of the STUDENT DEBT as a tool of enslavement cannot be overstated. Savvy observers have already noted that STUDENT DEBT cannot be extinguished through the bankruptcy process...curious WHY that would be? Take the advice of a wise man who once admonished others to "follow the money". In this case, Goldman Sachs will be one of the firms found at the trails end. STUDENT DEBT is a huge expense, a huge profit for some and literally KILLING the middle class once and for all. -Cerous

*Dubious benefits indeed. Notice how these people can't even answer the most SIMPLE questions in spite of their $120,000 'EDUCATION'. Tragic if it weren't so FUNNY!



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