A Successful Post EU Greece Would Prove To Many 'Experts' And Politicians Wrong

Hence the discouragement of Greece to leave the EU. Of course it is too late to cover the deliberate mistake up for even the dumbest citizen of the EU realizes the whole project is a geopolitical and financial scam.
To the Editor:
If, as Paul Krugman suggests, Greece leaves the euro and returns to the drachma, and if it is then successful at reconfiguring its economy and managing to re-establish a functional government that collects taxes and pays debts, wouldn’t this encourage other economically struggling states like Italy, Ireland, Portugal and even France to abandon the union?
Won’t a successful Greece show others that — much as many young people who cannot afford to pay their rent return home — they, too, can return to the way things used to be?
If Greece does what SEEMS so difficult, won’t it encourage a dissolution of the European Union?
New York

Conveniently Greek Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis has told ABC only a few days before the referendum that the printing presses needed to print Drachma in the event of a euro exit have been smashed! Go figure

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