Ukraine Referendum, 61% Of Dutch Vote:


  1. J.Holten says:

    Sir, 60% of dutch voters voted No to the EU-Ykrainian trade agreement.
    Is their anyone who can understand and even clarify this No?
    Do the dutch people not like ykranian people?
    Or is it a protest against their fellow memberstates in the EU who already agreed.
    Or is it a protest against their own government that planned to agree.
    Any other explanation?
    Thank you for any reaction.

    1. DMC says:

      We are in agreement that is was a bit over 60% of the electorate only. To answer your question in short: I have ideas but I don't know.. and whomever claims to know EXACTLY why is a fraud, so much I do know.
      Furthermore I don't really care for the exact reason for it simply impossible to verify but I can think of many events, affairs and developments in recent history, most of them still happening, which were and are counter beneficial for the 'average Joe' or Henk and Ingrid as they say in the Netherlands and damaged the trust in politicians and assorted authorities beyond repair, not to mention the blatant lies of specific politicians to persuade the electorate to say yes. What I am interested in however is the effect it will have on the so called participation society, locally, but also its impact internationally. One word comes to mind, instantly and convincingly: CHAOS... to the extent that the establishment doesn't know how things could have gotten so much out of hand, not rhyming anymore with their expectations, beliefs, ideals, plans and even perceptions (idem ditto for the populace who also are in for many near future surprises). I mean, the utter perplexity of the loosing camp in this referendum betrays their inaccuracy and incompetence of gauging what the people apparently want for a variety of reasons which for other reasons they, the majority of yes voters and particularly the assumed well informed ones (Pechtold and the like), haven't bothered to discover, let alone comprehend in time. Add to that the clumsiness of addressing the referendum result promptly with reason which instead was done by way of convenient respite, a polite disrespect to the voters which will only lead to both increased apathy and outrage and thus in effect will make things worse than they already are. On a cynical note..I meant realistically speaking: that agreement will come anyway, count on it.
      Soon enough we'll learn what the result is of the UK referendum...and Brexit or not; it reflects what the majority of voters want according to democratic principle, presuming the counting is fair.

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