1. J.Holten says:

    in order to present graphs in one view it is common:
    -to present the x-as with the same time scale (so only 1 year's scale or only 5 or only 10)
    -to present the y-as
    -- as a scale with pos, zero and neg values
    -- or depending on the sort of indicator as deviations from a average, median or modus
    -- and/or as a difference from seasonal figure.
    You have to do that in order to avoid the alarming similar angles that can be seen in the above picture. which do not give a accurate image of a trend.
    Moreover, trends should cover the same time period.
    At last it is common to describe the sort of indicators i.e. the definition of the indicator in relation to the policy about that field. F.e. is it the number of student loans, or the amount of money involved, was it intended as a policy of the government or of the banks etc?
    Later we can conclude whether everything is going fine or not.

    1. DMC says:

      Thanks for the critical note.

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