Anti-Tech Awareness

Have you thought what would happen if we eventually merge with machines? Can you grasp what THAT would mean? Do you think such an alteration could benefit YOU or perhaps some body else? Does the fruit of the tree of knowledge taste any good you find?



Great Excuse For Nuclear Warfare Option: The Machines Did It..

The latest so called threat is not the Islam but artificial intelligence aka 'the machines' hence the predictive programming all over the place (think: newspapers, magazines, and movies like Terminator and Ex Machina). How convenient and cunning to have that option for overt warfare and sell it to the gullible masses as an 'accident' by blaming it on a machine.

Keep Asking Whether AI Is A Threat To...Whom?


AI is being controlled and programmed to handle the masses aka HUMANS. Look up the original meaning of that word a couple of centuries ago and you'll be baffled. So yes, AI is a threat to humans indeed and the right hand of those with power.

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