United Evil

Which company produced the Zyklon B for the gas showers in Nazi Germany? IG Farben aka Bayer.
Which company produced Agent Orange for the Vietnam war? You guessed right, MONSANTO.
Now Bayer may buy Monsanto and the world may enjoy their consolidated power.
For lack of knowledge people are destroyed.

Monsanto Wants The Best For You

..by inventing Agent Orange and GMOs to eradicate hunger. How? By poisoning you, fewer people means less hunger, simple and effective! Their products dubious and dangerous you say? Shhhh

Of course Glyphosate (Monsanto's Roundup) Isn't Harmful

Why? Because a Monsanto lobbyist says so and he must know and speak the truth because he has a degree and gets paid to inform us about the truth, of course.
Watch the video of the article below and notice how this treasonous cretin Dr. Patrick Moore pathetically tries to sell a lie about the safety of glyphosate but miserably fails doing so when asked to back up his claims on the spot. What a failure and oh so helpful for those who have common sense and thus understand how poisonous glyphosate is. Thanks for unintentionally proving that it IS dangerous and also for your hilarious performance Dr. Moore, even most professional clowns aren't half as funny as you are.
Also the WHO acknowledges that glyphosate is a carcinogen and so Monsanto tries desperately to cover this up in order  to keep fooling the uninformed. By doing so they attract MORE attention and thus their clumsy attempt is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.

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